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Trees to stand environmental stress.

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We provide complete palm tree services.

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Tree Care Services Los Angeles

We at Elite Tree Care are proud to offer complete tree care suited for commercial and residential clients’ preferences while prioritizing sustainability.



Bringing safe, beautiful and natural environments


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We have the most qualified team. ISA Board Master Arborist on the team. Certified tree workers on the field.


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Kathleen Klein-Wakefield
Kathleen Klein-Wakefield
Good communication, good spirited and careful group.
Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander
Professional n Brilliant service
Kelly Chang Rickert (Lawyer Kelly)
Kelly Chang Rickert (Lawyer Kelly)
Our beautiful tree that's been with us forever needed a major haircut. The branches were overhanging the roof, causing lots of debris on our heads and vehicles! (Not to mention the constant sweeping to keep a tidy yard). We literally were googling services when one day, Tony's card showed up on our fence. We took this as a sign from God and called him same day. Within a few days, Tony's crew arrived (prompty) and trimmed. He did such a great job we decided to hire him for a second tree haircut. :) Now our tree is trimmed and happy. No more debris and more light into our home! Payment was quick and they were very professional, from the back office ladies to the crew. Super happy with Tony and his crew and would recommend him to anyone!!! THANK YOU TONY!
Guzman Gil
Guzman Gil
We've hired Tony and his team three times. They consistently do excellent work. Great communication. Great onsite crew that checks in regularly. Overall, a great experience. And I always learn something new. Highly recommend him for any tree work.
Thomas Cabela
Thomas Cabela
Tony is the best. He is a master arborist who truly cares about trees and their health. He’s also very easy to work with, accessible and professional as well as knowledgeable. I also like that he is local and a family run business.
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