A lot of things you could accomplish for your garden to survive it from the dry spell. You need to plan it ahead of summer with activities like pruning and soil care. It is done on the principles of horticulture. Only trained people can justify it. If you own a lawn, then hire the services of certified arborist Eagle Rock Ca. The arborist knows how to cut the lawn close to the soil. By doing so, it will sprout fresh and survive the brutal summer. To deal with potted plants, you can shelter those either under the tree or in a green net. Give emphasis to save the moisture of the pot.

Again, there is a way to save the in-ground plants like a shrub. If it is overgrown, then cut it well in advance of the hot season so that it will recover in time. To deal with the shrub, you could utilize the expertise of the tree surgeon arborist Eagle Rock. This professional will resort to shrub surviving tactics such as gentle watering, striping the soil, composting, and refreshing the soil circles. Likewise, there are professional ways to treat young trees for your garden. If you require guidelines, the arborist will guide you. If you can’t do it, then allow the arborist to save the garden so that you could enjoy the summer in the midst of it.