You and your neighbors may love the trees on your street, but those same trees can be dangerous if they’re not properly cared for. HOAs are responsible for caring for the trees on their property, which means they need to do regular inspections, prune as necessary, and make sure that any damage is fixed promptly. That’s why it’s important to know what an HOA must do if there is a problem with your tree.

Common Tree Issues That Homeowners Experience

One of the common tree problems that homeowners can face is roots from a tree damaging the sidewalk, driveway, or foundation. Overgrown trees can block sunlight and make it hard to see out of windows. They can also clog drains and gutter systems, making it difficult to clean rain gutters. And finally, falling tree limbs can cause damage to cars and houses, as well as injury or death to people who are in the area when they fall.

Tree Maintenance And Removal

Tree care and removal are important factors in any home. They help not only protect your home but also keep it looking beautiful. If you want to get the most out of your property, hire a reputable tree service provider like us!

Tree care includes trimming, pruning, fertilization, watering, and planting trees on your property. Tree trimming involves removing dead branches from trees, so they don’t become a hazard or eyesore to others who look at them. Pruning refers to cutting weak branches off of trees, so they can be stronger and healthier over time. Fertilizing helps provide nutrients for growth, while watering keeps them alive during times when there isn’t enough rainfall in certain areas – especially in drought-prone regions where we operate our business!

Tree Species Over Planting

Over planting is one of the biggest problems in HOAs. Private homeowners are constantly pushing the envelope that is their property lines, and trees are often planted too close to a neighbor’s property. When this happens, problems arise. If a tree was planted and then grows larger, it may begin to encroach on your neighbor’s yard. If you don’t take action soon, you could end up paying for someone else’s landscaping work.

Budgeting For Tree Service in Los Angeles

Homeowners associations should set aside money for tree maintenance. Trees in our neighborhoods look great and help maintain property values. However, trees can also cause damage to people’s homes and vehicles. These incidents can be costly and dangerous to homeowners. To protect themselves from lawsuits, most people today get insurance on their homes, cars, health, and other valuables. Although homeowner association insurance claims can be lowered with preventative tree maintenance, the number of homeowner association insurance claims can be lowered even further by providing documentation that you regularly cared for your trees. It is easier for insurance companies and courts to dismiss these incidents when homeowners associations have a documented history of tree care. The price range for tree care is wide, depending on what kind of trees you have and how much work they need.

Tree Monitoring For Homeowners

Resident Tree Monitoring is a service we offer to homeowners and HOAs in the community. It allows us to track the health of trees on your property and provide you with a report on their condition. We will also note any issues that may arise, so you can take action if necessary.

The purpose of Resident Tree Monitoring is to provide all stakeholders with an opportunity to maintain, improve and sustain the value of their trees over time. By providing regular updates on tree health, we are able to help homeowners and HOAs better understand how best to care for their trees, thus reducing unnecessary costs caused by disease or injury resulting from poor maintenance practices like improper pruning techniques or inadequate watering practices during times of drought.

How To Avoid Liability In Tree Trimming 

Tree trimming should never be taken lightly. But, there are times when tree trimming needs to be done. The only question is: who should do it and how? At Elite Tree Care, tree trimming guidelines are created with one goal: customer safety. We have seen countless situations where homeowners were unprepared for a tree trimming incident or ignored the need for tree trimming altogether. Hire Elite Tree Care and make sure your job is done right the first time.

Elite Tree Care is a full-service tree company. We are certified arborists who specialize in all aspects of tree planting, fruit trees care, including crown reduction and pruning. Our experience can help guide you through the process of tree trimming safely. For more information on how we approach the task of tree trimming, see our services page or call us today!