How to Prepare a Garden for Summer

There is hardly any rain during the dry seasons, and so there is an imminent threat to the survival of plants and trees. We provide garden maintenance services throughout the year which will ensure robust growth of trees and plants. Our ISA certified arborist Eagle Rock Ca is an expert and can provide guidelines for your garden in the following areas:

Lawns – Lawns need frequent trimming and water saturation. Seasonal flowers must be watered to ensure a healthier condition.

Potted Plants – Potted plants should be kept either under a tree or green netting. However, flowering shrubs need exposure. Clumping pots together can help save moisture content.

In-ground Plants – If there is overgrown shrubbery, it should be pruned in advance so it may recover before the arrival of the hot season. Watering is required as usual. Digging a shallow circle around the shrub helps the soil soak in more water. Contact arborist and tree surgeon Eagle Rock Ca for further information.