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As the tree grows they tend to form waterspouts and defective branches which when not removed timely can cause much harm to the tree’s crown. All trees benefit from crown cleaning as it is important to undertake timely crown cleaning to protect the tree from further damage. We remove the defective limbs including the dying, diseased, dead rubbing and structurally unsound limbs. Cleaning reduces the risk of branch failures while enhancing the appearance and health of trees. Removal of healthy limbs is called thinning whereas removal of water sprouts includes the cleaning process. Pruning is very essential to maintain overall tree health. Also it important to ensure that trees are not being pruned if they are recovering from storm damage, drought and pest infestation, etc.

New growth on old trees should not be removed as old trees require new leaves for photosynthesis, and removing them will only lead to quick deterioration of the tree. If old trees are in the way of cable wires, close to building then such tree can be removed and replaced. Trees should be considered for pruning only if they require and are getting benefited by it.

Whereas, Crown reduction is required when trees are growing near buildings or other trees or the power lines requiring removal of errant branches. Reduction helps in preventing storm damages and providing the tree the desired shape. Crown reduction involves reducing the spread of the crown and the height of the tree.

During this procedure, a leader branch is cut off to give the lateral branch the dominance helping it to maintain a required shape without interfering with the pruning cycle and objects. Important consideration must be given to species of tree which can withstand this procedure. The reduction is avoided in case of very old trees only if required on 25% of crown reduction is suggested. Aggressive crown reduction should never be done by an arborist.

In crown reduction, the ends of outer branches of the tree are removed which helps in light penetration and avert storm-related damages. The penetration of sunlight prevents further decaying of wood. It requires much experience and training by climbers with the help of pole saws and clips while being in an uncertain position. Crown reduction helps in maintaining the form and supporting the structural integrity of the tree. It should only be carried out by trained arborists who know the appropriate methods of pruning and crown reduction.

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