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We are leading tree care experts in urban forestry, servicing Silverlake and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. Elite Tree Care Inc. dba Tony Macias is a reliable and licensed company. We follow accepted industry standards for overall tree care, including woody plants, shrubs, and trees.

We specialize in mature and protected tree conservation, preserving them as healthy, low-risk, and natural asheticly as possible with industry-accepted arboricultural techniques like height crown mass reduction, thinning, and selectively reducing over extended limbs.

Our services include new tree planting and assist you with proper tree selection with an emphasis mindset (plant the right tree for the right place)

We provide hassle-free, complete tree care services by implementing the highest safety standards in limited-space environments and avoiding risk factors such as power lines.

To have good plant growth, following soil management and supplement support systems, including planting and transplanting procedures, considering tree risk assessment factors, and ensuring root management is vital.

We utilize forestry equipment like chippers, book trucks, chip box trucks, and stump grinders as needed to perform to the highest standards.

Our team consists of very dedicated and trained professionals who strictly follow the industry standards for ethics, quality services, and safety.

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