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We are leading experts in landscape architecture and urban forestry including areas such as greenways, road verge backyards, and parks. Elite Tree Care inc dba Tony Macias is a reliable and licensed company and has over 30 years of experience in providing complete tree care. We follow accepted industry standards for overall tree care including woody plants shrubs and trees. We provide hassle-free complete tree care services by implementing the highest safety standards in limited space environments and avoiding risk factors such as power lines.

Our activities deal with the application of various arboricultural techniques like trimming, pruning and thinning. The maintenance activities include stump grinding, crane services, plant irrigation, drip system, paving, fencing, pergolas, fences, and woodwork, etc.

In order to have good plant growth, it is vital to follow soil management and supplement support systems including planting and transplanting procedures keeping in mind tree risk assessment factors and ensuring root management standards and pest control protocols are followed. The required machinery for tree care is quite expensive for personal usage and for huge tree heavy machines like cranes, trucks, and harvesters are required and we provide very reasonable rates for our services.

Our team consists of very dedicated and trained professionals who strictly follow the industry standards for ethics, quality services, and safety.

Roadside trees are prone to various abiotic stress like toxic debris and fumes, fungal infections and plant pests making road safety a challenge while maintaining the tree health. We follow the widely accepted safe methods of tree injection to prevent damage to the tree from pests and nutritional deficiencies by target application of pesticides and fertilizers into the bio-vascular tissues of tree distributing active compounds in the root, wood, and canopy of trees protecting it from further damage. The tree injection prevents pesticide losses in the environment that usually occurs after spraying of pesticides. The procedure of pruning improves the health, longevity, and appearance of trees. Our objective is to provide our esteemed customers professional service, safe experience while enhancing and beautifying their property as per their expectations.

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