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Tony Macias Elite Tree Care is a quick and reliable solution to landscape and yard cleanups improving appearances of both commercial and residential areas. Trees are responsible for shedding huge areas amount of leaves if not cleaned on time it leads to mold and insect growth destroying the plants, shrubs, and grass. The debris is collected it is carefully disposed of at the recycling center.

We also offer seasonal cleanups which include unwanted plants and debris, leaves, brush and weeds our services include fall winter and spring cleanups. To have a beautiful landscape, it is important to conduct timely pruning and trimming of trees, it is not only appealing to eyes it also increases the value of the landscape, enhances and protects the properties from the storm and fire-related damages which can cause huge destruction.

Our general services include complete care of the landscape, from pruning to tree removals to maintaining health and vitality of trees and lawn clearance and fertilization programs. With the experience and expertise to get your landscape looking great and appealing. Pruning is necessary to maintain the safety and health of the tree by removing dead branches and promoting tree growth while improving its timber quality, flower, timely pruning helps to protect the tree from pests and environmental stress.

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