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At Elite Tree Care we are ISA-certified and trained individuals to provide complete tree care by preventing the growth of tree fungus, pests and infestations on the palm tree. In order to grow a healthy palm tree it is essential to know the nutrient quality and soil requirements of this particular tree. It is important to regularly check your palm tree for the growth of fungus moulds and it requires to be maintained and fertilized regularly in a well-drained soil. Heavy dense soil leads to stunting of the palm tree and mixture of humus and peat allows easy absorption of nutrients by the roots.

Our arborists have years of expertise in taking complete care of the palm tree ranging from removal of the tree or enriching its soil and resulting in the optimum growth of the palm trees by making it green and healthy. Palm trees require ample supply of essential nutrients like potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, manganese, copper sulfates iron and water year-round. Nutritional deficiency can lead to the leaves turning yellow, along with the application of slow-release fertilizers, nutrients are also required. Homemade fertilizers aren’t enough to compensate the need of the palm tree slow-release fertilizers are best to maintain the palm tree year-round. Palm tree requires the application of fertilizers on most landscape at least twice to thrice in a year in the period of the growing months.

It is important to sterilize cutting tools prior to prevent the spread of pests and infection from one infected palm tree to the other. Infected plant material should be disposed of carefully to prevent further spread of infections. Application of fertilizer should be according to the height of the palm tree. Peat moss is an excellent option to keep soil moist and helps in maintaining its nutrients. The palm tree should never be injured, punctured, nails hammered as the wounds don’t heal and it is always prone to furthermore infections. The old fronds should be trimmed timely as they pose greater risk of a fire hazard, allows more sunlight to reach the tree and less space for pests hideouts, careful skinning of palm trees removes old webbings on the trunk and allows a more pleasing appearance of the palm tree. Removal of palm trees should be done safely by well equipped trained professionals without causing any damages to workers, buildings and live wires.

Elite tree care provides affordable yet quality palm tree planting, trimming and removal service by our trained and experienced professional using the right instruments. We inspect the tree and landscape and suggest appropriate measures to promote overall healthy growth of palm trees.

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