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Fire Codes are the guidelines necessary to maintain defense space in and around commercial buildings and properties. Following the standard codes, any kind of vegetation, grass vines and weeds than can endanger properties should be cut down and removed by the owner of the property. Every year many homes get damaged due to the spread of fire because of the growth of weeds, bushes near properties and accumulation of leaf piles that are prone to fire.

Weed abatement ensures that owners maintain a defense-able space around their respective properties which would allow the firefighters to stop the spread of fires more effectively and spreading to nearby areas and open spaces and homes. It is a year-round commitment that requires homeowners to keep their community and family safe from fire-related hazards. The tree barks growing close to power lines should be removed.

The notice consists of a yearly reminder sent by the fire prevention service to property owners. It is the entire responsibility of an owner to ensure that his property is safe from fire-related hazards. The owner should maintain his property from extending to parkways and sidewalks to prevent any hazards. Ascertain compost and fertilizers can catch fire easily so it is essential to utilize a small quantity of compost which can degrade in the required time frame.

Storage of large amounts of compost should also be avoided it should be stored safely in a container. Fire inspectors officers have to conduct timely inspections during crucial months of fall and spring identifying fire-prone, bushes, weeds, vegetation and barks of trees and send timely notice to house owners. If weed abatement notice is received it is important to act promptly and advisable to ensure measures before inspection dates and avoid administrative fees. The left pile must also be cleaned and recycled promptly.

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