Trees don’t require doctors in their natural habitat. However, when trees have contact with people, especially in urban areas, they require proper care. Starting with planting the right type of tree, one that can go into the soil with deep roots. This way, the tree won’t incline and topple so easily. Then, regular inspection and pruning are required. Elongated branches need to be removed correctly. Improper removal leads to pathogens and the decay of trees. Our certified arborist Eagle Rock can complete pruning tasks professionally. 

We also provide bug reports to our residential and commercial clients. Our trained surgeons check the condition of the leaves, the tree base, and its fruits to identify insect life. Then a contextual treatment solution is given to debug the tree. Nutrients in the soil are also assessed to check for depletion. We also assist clients during natural calamities like drought and flooding, by saving and replanting trees. Contact tree pruning service Eagle Rock Ca for more information about our services.